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birth name Marinina Inez Rojas nicknames Nina, Nin, Neener, Marinara date of birth & age January 17, 1986 | 31 astrological sign Capricorn occupation Freelance Public Relations Representative hometown Merrick, Long Island current residence Astoria, Queens relationship status Dating Brandon Schmidt
♥ always on her person: phases of the moon bracelet, wolf necklace

the color black, vinyl records, plants, notebooks, anything macabre, ugly/unloved/abandoned things, whiskey, aquariums, careful use of resources, wolves, deftones, puscifer, the kills, qotsa, the xx, radiohead, nin, all the days before tomorrow, nightbreed, american mary, edward scissorhands, donnie darko, mirror mask, candy, chasing amy, reality bites, equilibrium, un chein andalou, alice sweet alice, the exorcist, twin peaks

self depreciation to guilt, bait, or obligate others emotionally, anything too soft, rom coms, over eagerness, platform shoes, open mouth chewers, being tickled, rushed romance, an inability to empathize, neon colors, baby talk
Despite the current dysfunction of the Tripodi-Rojas family, with Martin serving eight to ten years at King's County and Josephine drowning in debt from trying to save her ex-husband, they were once upon a time a happy all-American family with their own picket fence and nuclear image. Martin Rojas made an honest living as a self-made contractor while Josie ran house, home, and Curl Up & Dye - a local hair salon, though she still likes to go on about the unending woes that man left her with after two decades of marriage. Sundays were reserved for church and large dinners with various extensions of either side of the family tree and roots deeply set into New York soil that included a neighborhood of 'extended family' and involvement with the Elk's, PTA, and the Neighborhood Watch.

But by the age of eighteen, the itch to set off on her own and away from the oppressive thumb of overly-involved parents had set ablaze Marinina's one woman mission for college half way cross country. A partial scholarship to DePaul University as an English Literature and Communications double major lit the runway from suburban choke hold to typical naive city dreams. Of course she'd loved living in Chi-town, the freedom to walk concrete streets at 4am, tipsy, barefoot from a night of dancing in heels she'd yet to really break in was a new found exhilaration that would takes years for the novelty of to wear. Around the time student loan agencies would begin to call and the pay checks would fail to meet the ends she worked hard to force together, as it goes.

It was loyalty and obligation to her family and her parents' failing marriage that yanked her back to the Northeast after graduation; a choice she's still unsure of whether or not comes laced with regret. Returning home came with a heavy serving of ghosts and memories that latched to her ankles like chains. While some part of her had missed the people and places that had defined her adolescence, Nina's impulse to separate herself never fully faded. It surged up again when her father took to drinking once again, a past she'd been unaware of until a DUI in 2007 unearthed a history only relatives remembered of Martin. A second in 2009 did nothing to discourage the last six months later in which Martin was charged with vehicular homicide.

A handful of internships from magazine publications to radio station coffee duty gradually paved the tedious path to a position as a Public Relations representative for a private firm. After four years with the company, rather than facing the oncoming downsize of 2015, she made the choice to use some of the connections she'd acquired to return to the world of radio. With a sharp and well layered resume, she was able to wiggle her way into an on-air position as the Trend and Social Media Coordinator for the morning show. Although she continues to pursue her writing in her off time, Nina perpetually struggles with the weight of her work waging war against the inspiration for her passion and original dream of writing. - More to come.

timezone. eastern standard
aim. onomatopnina
pb. Daisy Lowe
pref. third person story book
extra. aim scene/thread friendly • adult and/or ftb